SmackDown Backlash Card 2013

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SmackDown Backlash Card 2013

Post by Stephanie McMahon on Sun Jun 23, 2013 5:35 pm

Match One: Naya Lopez vs. Lita (c) [For the WWE Women's Championship]
Results: Naya Lopez via pinfall (New Women's Champion)

Backstage Segment: SmackDown GM Audrey McKenna is shown heading into the locker room of Randy Orton and Sheamus. She's pleased when she finds them both dressed to compete. She advises them to get warmed up, they've got a match tonight, against the Hardy Boys for the WWE Tag Team Championships. Sheamus looks absurdly happy and Randy grins at her, thanking her for the match. She laughs and tells him not to say she never gave him anything. Randy tells her that so far, being with her has given him everything. To this Sheamus snorts in disgust and tells Randy to save the mushy stuff for later. They've got asses to kick and titles to win. 

Match Two: Oliver Queen vs. Ted Dibiase Jr. (c) [For the Intercontinental Championship]
Results: Ted Dibiase via pinfall

Backstage Interview: Alexander Monehan is standing by with the World Heavyweight Champion Christian. Alex takes them back to SmackDown, showing the end of a great match between Christian and Chris Masters, then the blindsiding attack from Shelton Benjamin after his win. Alex asks Christian how he feels about facing Shelton tonight with the title on the line. Christian tells Alex that it's easy to attack a man when his back is turned. But it's a whole different concept when you're face to face. Shelton Benjamin might be "The Gold Standard" but it'll be Christian who walks in and out with the gold tonight. 

Match Three: Edge vs. Tommy Dreamer
Results: No contest. The match turns into more of a street fight than a wrestling contest. Both men beat the hell out of each other until Edge winds up getting the upper hand. As Edge sets up Tommy for a final ConChairto, Allison Dreamer runs down the ramp, flinging herself inbetween Edge and her bloody, battered father. She tearfully pleads for him to leave him alone, saying he's had enough. Edge looks between the chair and Allison, before he smirks and lifts the chair high, like he's going to bring it down on Allison instead.

Before he can however, Allison's face goes from tearful to spiteful and she low blows Edge before he can swing. He cups himself and reels away from her, only to come face to face with Trent Redding, who slid in the ring behind him. Trent leaps into action, giving Edge a whole new beat down. Gage Turner and Julliette race to aid him, helping him escape up the ramp. Allison tends to her father while the medics rush down to help him and Trent stands just behind her, one hand on her shoulder protectively as he glares at Gage, who is support Edge as they head backstage.

Backstage Segment: Audrey McKenna is shown heading back to her office, punching out a quick message on her Blackberry. She barely stops herself from crashing into the person at the end of the hall. She glances up then frowns at the sight of Dean Ambrose. She asks him to move and he merely smirks at her. She rolls her eyes and turns to head another way when she realizes Seth Rollins has boxed her in from behind. She turns back to Ambrose, looking wary.

Dean says that now that he has her attention, he wants to ask her what the hell she was thinking, trying to take the Shield in hand by using Triple H. Doesn't Audrey know that she can't stop justice? That once the Hounds have been let loose it's out of her hands?

Audrey tells Dean she doesn't know who they think they are but this is her show. She runs it And tonight, Roman Reigns is going to step in the ring with Triple H and learn how to fight fair because she is now barring the rest of the Shield from ringside. Seth snorts and says "So that's how its going to be? It's a good thing the Shield answers to no one then."

Audrey turns to address him when she is blindsided by Maxine. Maxine slams her into the wall, then knocks her against the equipment crates for good measure. Maxine snidely says too bad no ones going to get the memo, before she, Seth and Dean laugh "saying how that was justice", leaving Audrey lying on the floor as they walk away.

Match Four: Randy Orton and Sheamus vs. Matt and Jeff Hardy [For the Tag Team Championships]
Results: Sheamus via pinfall (New Tag Team Champions)

Backstage Segment: Justin Gabriel and John Morrison are shown leaving catering, talking and laughing with one another, when John accidentally steps on something. He and Justin both glance down and Justin bends to pick up the remains of a Blackberry phone. John frowns in confusion before saying he thinks that's the bosses phone. Justin says she's going to be pissed because he doesn't think it's fixable. John chuckles and says they should bring it to her anyway. Who knows, might win them some brownie points for trying to bring it back to her, Justin jokes that it might get him benched or something since he's the one who stepped on it. John tells him to shut up and  goes to walk past the equipment crates when he trips over something. Justin tells him to stop being so clumsy, when they both glance down to see what John tripped over was a pair of legs. John curses when they see Audrey lying partially conscious behind the crates. He yells at Justin to go get help, as he stoops down to check on her. He asks her if she can hear him and how badly she was hurt and she manages to mumble one word, "Shield" before she slips out of it again. John's expression grows more worried as he glances around for the medics and trainers.

Match Five: Roman Reigns vs. Triple H
Results: Triple H via pinfall. (When the rest of the Shield attempt to get involved, they are cut off from even entering the ring by the arrival of John Morrison and Justin Gabriel)

Main Event: Shelton Benjamin vs. Christian Cage (c) [For the World Heavyweight Championship]
Results: Christian via pinfall


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