Raw Backlash Card 2013

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Raw Backlash Card 2013

Post by Billy Gunn on Sun Jun 23, 2013 8:50 pm

As always card is done by randomizer.I apologize for any spelling errors. Once I get going I don't stop lol. I'll be re reading it after posting it and editing spelling errors and any other errors on the card. As always I apologize if your character isn't on the pay per view. If not send me a message so I know to put them on Raw and get them a storyline going.

Backstage Segment:
Shawn Michaels is seen standing next to Billy Gunn in his office all dressed up in hunting gear. Billy looks at him puzzled and asks him why he was wearing that. Shawn looks at his outfit telling billy he doesn't understand what's wrong with this outfit. Billy tells him he looks like he is going hunting. Shawn tells him he wasn't going hunting this isn't his hunting clothes. Billy says never mind when CM Punk walks in with Traci Brooks under his arm. Billy thanks him for coming as Punk has a cocky smile he replies your welcome. Billy says that while he doesn't like how he continued in the tournament there is no changing it now. So tonight if he tries to cheat a win out of any of his opponents they are stopping the match and restarting. Traci gets offended and tells Billy that everyone else cheats look at Cody rhodes and the blond Mannequin walking with him. Shawn laughs and repeats mannequin finding it funny as Billy gives him a look. He quickly says Sorry. Billy moves on and says that maybe Punk deserves it. Billy says if he has to he will send Shawn out to Carry Traci out of the ring area. Shawn makes a face and looks at Traci a little afraid of her. Punk now annoyed storms out. Traci puts her finger in Shawn's face and warns him to not touch her or he'll regret it forever. Shawn quickly says you've got that right. Traci now offended storms off after Punk. Billy looks at Shawn and shakes his head, and collapses onto his couch. Shawn starts pretend fighting as the camera fades out.

Match One:
No Disqualification
Maria Kanellis vs Willow Cena
Winner: Willow Cena

Dolph Ziggler is seen with the medic being told on camera that he does in fact have a concussion is not cleared to wrestle for a few weeks. He looks upset and tells them thank you when The Bella twins walk in. Brie strokes his head and says poor Dolphy. Nikki strokes his arm and tells him that she can take care of him if he wants. Dolph stands up and tells them both while he appreciates the attention the both of them give him now is not the time. Brie tells him now IS the time because he is at his lowest. Nikki tells him that he has never needed them more. Kaitlyn walked in and asked what the hell is this. Dolph tells her that they came to see him. Kaitlyn tells him that she is tired of always chasing women away from him. He needs to choose is he going to be with her or not. Dolph moves away from the bellas and tells her that yeah they have had a rough road on Smackdown and Raw but the women come to him not the other way around. He says it's not his fault that he attracts them. Kaitlyn disgusted by it slaps him in the face and walks away. Brie yells RUDE at Kaitlyn as Nikki quickly goes over to nurse his face. He pulls away from them and walks out calling for Kaitlyn. Brie looks at Nikki and says that one down. Nikki smiles and says part one is done now part two. The two high five and hook arms walking out together with devious smiles.

Maria holds her head after her no dq now wrapped and beaten when Lauren and Lo stand around her. Lauren tells Maria that was pathetic. Lo tells Lauren to leave it. Maria says who are you and why are you in my business. Lauren now angry says you know who we are! Maria rolls her eyes and says obviously she just doesn't understand why she is bothering her. Ashley and AJ walk up next to Maria and AJ ask her if these two morons are bothering her. Maria tells them yeah a bit. Lo says who are you calling morons. Ashley says wow i guess they are dumber than we thought. AJ says you two. Lauren says the only people she sees in front of her are Losers that can't and will never be REAL champions. Not like her and LO. And to watch as soon as they get their chance they are taking the Divas title AND the tag titles. The two girls walk away scoffing Ashley rubs Maria's shoulder. Aj shakes her head at the two.

Match Two:
United States Championship
Derek Huffman (c)  w Jade Blake vs Shannon Moore
Winner: Derek Huffman; and still US Champion.

Post Match:
Jade jumps up and down excited as she crawls into the ring nearly taking Derek over with a hug as his arm was being raised. He laughs hugging her back raising his arm with the belt. She grabs him by the face and kisses him passionately as it nearly stuns him a bit before he returns the kiss. The two break apart as she grabs him by the hand and leads him up the ramp as the fans cheer a bit more egging Derek on.

The Hurricane is seen backstage talking to Casandra Myles when Batista comes out of no where and clotheslines him to the ground. Casandra screams and runs calling for help. Batista starts beating on the hurricane before picking him up and throwing him into the wall making him crumble to a heap on the ground. Michelle McCool comes running with Candice Michelle after hearing the screams dressed for their match yelling stop as Candice nurses The Hurricane. Batista yells how does it feel to fly now Hurricane! Michelle pushes him away calling him a cave man. He grabs Michelle by the arm and tells her not to ever touch him again or he'll make sure she learns to fly like The hurricane did. Michelle stands strong and says go ahead and try. Batista smiles and starts laughing and pats her on the head like a little kid and walks away calling back that he is going to go destroy their boyfriends now. Michelle crosses her arms and says I hate that guy. Candice says he really needs medical attention which gets Michelle's attention as she turns to check on him too. The medics all come running with Casandra surrounding him. Casandra tells them she'll stay with him they have a match to get ready for. Candice thanks her  as the two women walk off looking very concerned.

Match Three:
Divas Tag Team Championship
The Beauty Queens (Rima & Courtney) vs Michelle McCool & Candice Michelle (c)
Winners: Michelle McCool & Candice Michelle; Still Tag Team Champions. Michelle gets the pinfall on Courtney Taylor.

Kody Helms is looking extremely concerned in the medical room where they are treating the Hurricane. She keeps asking if he is okay before they tell her they need to treat him and make sure he isn't seriously injured. Alex Shelley walks up next to her as she rolls her eyes about to cry. She begs him not now. Shelley looks at her confused and said he was just as concerned as she is. He actually likes the green monster a bit after last week. Kody walks out to the hallway now completely thrown off. Shelley looks at her leaving before following her out. He tells her that he and Sabin will teach Batista a lesson for the Hurricane no to worry. She looks at him now confused she asked him why he is being so nice to her. Shelley just goes from a face of concern to a wide smile and walking away. Kody yells Shelley, trying to get his attention as he leaves her confused before being joined by Shannon Moore asking her if she is okay. She tells him fine before giving Shannon a hug who seems exhausted from his match before he and Kody went in to the medical training room.

Match Four:
Handicap Two on One
The Motor City Machine Guns vs Batista
Winner: The Motor City Machine Guns; Sabin gets pinfall on Batista.

Post Match: Batista beaten by the guns still has energy to be arguing with the referee when Shelley gets the last word after the match and hooks him and hits him with Slice Bread #2 putting Batista out one final time. Sabin leaning against the corner grabs Shelley as he celebrates the two raise their hands over him and leave Batista in the ring alone.

Backstage Segment:
Shawn is seen bugging John Cena asking him why he wears what he wears to the ring. He asks him what's wrong with ring gear. John laughs and asks him why he is wearing Hunting gear. Shawn now seems offended and says why does everyone think his regular clothing are hunting gear! John quickly apologizes as Daniel Bryan is walking by when Shawn stops him. Shawn asks him what he thinks of his clothes. Daniel looks at him up and down and says what's he hunting, catering? Shawn goes to super kick Daniel when the Bellas walk up hooking their arms around John and Daniel. Shawn stops himself from the kick and quickly covers his eyes and says women of easy virtue! John looks at Nikki bella and asks if he can help her. She says she was wondering what he was doing after his show. Shawn now moved his hands to his ears and starts saying la la la la. Trying to tune it out. John pulls away from Nikki and says he already has a date with someone and it isn't her. She looks offended and says fine, we didn't want you anyway. Brie asks Daniel the same question who seems a bit stunned and not sure what to say. Shawn grabs Daniel by the shoulder and says for the love of god say no. Daniel pulls away from both Brie and Shawn and starts chanting No! No! No! Walking off. John snickers at the stunned and ashamed Bella twins as Shawn puts is finger in their faces and calls them bad ladies! And walks away after the chanting No! Daniel Bryan.

Match Five:
WWE Divas Championship
Kody Helms vs Danielle Brooks (c)
Winner: Danielle Brooks. Still Divas Champion. She sneaks a win on Kody using the ropes to help with the pin.

Post Match:

Kody starts arguing with the referee about the ropes. He tells her he didn't see it. While the two argue. Willow Cena comes running and attacks Danielle Brooks on the ramp. She starts jumping up and down on the ramp excited after knocking Danielle down. Kody and the referee seem puzzled at what just happened. Willow makes a heart at Kody helms before escaping through the crowd. Kody watches the crazed diva run through the crowd holding her head confused.

Backstage Segment:
The Rock is seen getting ready for the match when Jasmine Roucka approaches him. She tells him that she is volunteering her services to help him with his match since his opponents both have women ringside. He looks at her and thanks her. He tells her that while he appreciates the offer, he is the Rock, women grabbing at him isn't anything new. He said with a smile on his face. He tells her that she is a beautiful lady but tonight his date to the ring is lady luck. He walks off to the ring as Jasmine crosses her arms. Traci Brooks walks by saying Pathetic. Jasmine yells excuse me. Traci says you heard me. Jasmine goes to attack Traci when Punk grabs Jasmine by the belt loops yanking her down to her butt on the floor. He gets down to her face and tells her if she goes near her he will personally put you to sleep. Jasmine now looks a bit intimidated as Punk stands up following Traci towards the ring.

Main Event:
WWE Championship
Cody Rhodes (c) w/ Nicola vs The Rock vs CM Punk w/Traci Brooks
Winner: Cody Rhodes, still champion pins the Rock. When he is distracted by Jasmine Roucka coming ringside during the match brawling with Traci. Nicola took this time to distract the referee as Cody hits both Rock and Punk with the belt.

Post Match:
Cody is seen running up the ramp with Nicola as Punk grabs Jasmine Roucka by the hair off of Traci Brooks. He picks her up for the GTS. The Rock shaking the cobwebs kicks Punk in the gut making him drop Jasmine before Rock bottoming Punk. Traci holding her head crawls over pulling Punk out of the ring into her arms on the outside of the ring. The Rock stands holding his head in the center of the ring as a stunned Jasmine is in the corner. Rock points at Cody who shakes his head and raises his title high in the air as the show goes off the air.

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