ECW Backlash Card 2013

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ECW Backlash Card 2013

Post by Tiffany on Sun Jun 23, 2013 7:32 pm

Match 1: Katie Lea (c) v. Mikayla (ECW Vixen's Championship)
Results: Mikayla by count out; Katie walks out of the match purposely getting counted out leaving Mikayla visibly frustrated as the referee raises her hand. 

Backstage Interview: Lacy Black is standing by with Alexander Monehan. He asks her for the reason behind her actions toward Natalya on ECW. She says it was clear to her that while she and Beth were together on ridding the WWE of it's Barbie Doll Divas, Natalya wasn't always 100% with them. She says Natalya is the biggest hypocrite she has ever met. Saying you can't be anti-something, yet then be gung-ho 10 minutes later signing up for a reality show that promotes what she claimed to despise. So yeah, Lacy knew that since Beth went to SmackDown, she would have to end all ties with Natalya, finishing what she and Beth started. She goes to say something else but is attacked from behind by a vengeful Natalya. They brawl with Natalya getting the best of Lacy locking the Sharpshooter on her only breaking when she is pulled off by officials. 

Match 2: Fatal Four Way Ladder Match (Hardcore Championship): Will Montgomery (c) v. TJ Black v. Amazing Red v. Ryan Dreamer 
Results: Will Montgomery climbs the ladder to retain his title.

Backstage Segment: Mikayla comes into ECW GM Tiffany's office. She seems focused and is brought ot of her concentrated state when Mikayla asks her about Katie's actions from earlier. Before she can answer Torrie Wilson walks in. She says that it sucks that Katie felt the need to take the easy way out, but Mikayla has had her chance. Torrie says it her turn now to get a shot at Katie, considering she hasn't gotten her rematch yet. Mikayla looks confused, saying she was screwed over, and that she understand Torrie's complaints, but she has her own valid argument. Tiffany cuts them off telling them she'll address the situation on ECW next week she then asks them both to leave. Each girl looks to be okay with the answer given as they leave. 

Match 3: Ken Kennedy & Caroline Kennedy (c) v. Evan Bourne and Lizzy Valentine (Intergender Tag Team Championship Match) 
Results: Ken Kennedy & Caroline Kennedy by pinfall; Evan Bourne attempts to take out Ken on the outside of the ring with a high flying maneuver on the outside which Kennedy is able to avoid last minute. Caroline quickly rolls up Lizzy, grabbing her tights for leverage and the victory. 

Post-Match: Caroline is acting like she did nothing wrong as she and Ken celebrate the win around the ring. Lizzy is seen telling Evan what happened as he joins her now holding his stomach, which they try to tell the ref but he says he didn't see it. They look upset as the Kennedy's still celebrate. 

Backstage Segment: Jack Swagger is shown getting out of his car arriving late to the arena. As he goes to enter he is stopped by a few security guys. He tries to enter again but once again is denied access. He looks frustrated and demands to know what they are doing. They inform him that by General Manager Tiffany's orders he is not allowed entrance in here tonight due to his actions on ECW. They also tell him he is being fined for putting his hand on an official. He looks more angered now and threatens the security team, but eventually he backs down and turns back to leave.

Match 4: Brooke Tessmacher & Kelly Kelly v. Layla & Tiffany (Last Diva Team Standing Match)
Results: Layla & Tiffany win; Tiffany and Layla wind up putting Brooke and Kelly through tables off of the ramp to the floor, leaving Brooke and Kelly unable to get up before the 10 count. 

Post-Match: Tiffany looks very emotional as she and Layla get their hands raised in victory. They hug each other and celebrate to the fans applause and approval as Brooke and Kelly are helped to the back by officials. 

Backstage Interview: Alexander Monehan is shown rushing to catch up with Charlie Haas who is on his way to the ring for his title match. He wants to know his quick thoughts on Swagger being evicted from the building. Haas says he doesn't have time for this right now, but says it's a good thing. He says he'll think about Swagger later, tonight, right now he's gonna go out there and defend his ECW title. Charlie leaves looking very determine and focused. 

Main Event: ECW Championship Match (Falls Count Anywhere): Charlie Haas (c) v. Alberto Del Rio
Results: Alberto Del Rio by pinfall (New ECW Champion); Haas and Del Rio battle all over the arena where they wind up in the parking garage. It looks as if Charlie is going to win the match when Swagger comes from behind attacking Charlie with a lead pipe. He continues to beat him up, giving him a Gutwrench Powerbomb onto the hood of a car before he is carted off by a gang of security. Alberto takes advantage and pins Charlie for the victory.


^^made by the wonderful Ellie! <3^^

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