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Post by Stephanie McMahon on Sun Dec 30, 2012 7:01 pm

All results are done by randomizer and therefore must be followed. Any questions please PM one of the Admins.

Pre-Match: Diva's Tag Team Champions Lauren Sky and Lo Bosworth are in the ring, trash talking the entire Diva roster, saying how there is no team of Divas in the back good enough to challenge them and it's a joke that they're even here right now. Before they can continue, Michelle McCool appears onstage, dressed to compete. Michelle tells them not to be so hasty. Michelle says there is actually a pair of Divas who are ready to challenge them and Audrey McKenna approved the match. Michelle tells them she's been competing in the singles scene because her partner's been away for personal reasons, but she's back tonight. And she and Michelle are ready to make their challenge. Michelle tells the crowd to please welcome back, two time Women's Champion and former Diva's Tag Team Champion, Candice Michelle!
Match One: (Diva's Tag Team Championship) Lauren Sky and Lo Bosworth (c) vs Michelle McCool and Candice Michelle
Results: Michelle McCool via pinfall on Lauren Sky

Match Two:(WWE Tag Team Championship) Zack Ryder and Kendrick Sidora vs. Jordan and Garrett Styles
Results:Zack Ryder via pinfall on Jordan Styles

Match Three: (Intergender Tag Team Championships) Justin and Payton Gabriel (c) vs. Carlito and Rosa Mendes
Results: Payton Gabriel via pinfall on Rosa Mendes

Intergender Card Kaseytripscopy
^made by Ingrid
Intergender Card Stephaniesig_zpsc9b7d239
^made by Callie
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