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Snacking Empty Snacking

Post by Danielle on Thu May 28, 2015 12:36 pm

Danielle was backstage at tonight's NXT live event. She didn't have a match, she was simply there to check out the new talent and make an appearance during the divas' match. As Danielle was watching the show on the tv, she heard her stomach grumble. Attractive. She figured it was time to head into catering and grab a snack. As she had walked into catering, she was surprised to see that it was empty. Danielle shrugged and walked over to the food, glancing around at the items that were there. Suddenly, something caught her eyes. "No way! Toaster pastries!" she grinned and clapped to herself. She took a pack and opened it, putting two of them in the toaster. After they were done, she grabbed a plate and grabbed the frosting that came with it. She opened it and then looked around, making sure that the coast was clear and then she started to squeeze the frosting onto each pastry, while singing. "Toaster pastry, you taste so good and yummy. Toaster pastry, get into my tummy. Frosting doodle on my strudel, now I'm gonna" she said as she picked it up and took a bite. She grinned to herself as she ate it and then looked over at the door, jumping a bit as she saw somebody there. "Please tell me you didn't see any of that."


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