Last Diva Standing: Layla/Tiffany v. Brooke/Kelly

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Last Diva Standing: Layla/Tiffany v. Brooke/Kelly Empty Last Diva Standing: Layla/Tiffany v. Brooke/Kelly

Post by Tiffany on Sun Jul 07, 2013 3:29 pm

"The following contest is a Last Diva team standing match. Now in this match you can only win by forcing your opponent down for a 10 count and be the last one standing."

"She's a hot mess!"

The theme of ECW General Manage Tiffany began to play as she made her way out first. She came out taking a huge breath in, nerves and butterflies that she was feeling were showing very clearly on her face as she stood at the top of the ramp in her attire. She took another deep breath, shaking off the fear letting the excitement and feeling of a wanted vindication take over. She smiled, throwing her arms up in the air to either side of her, shaking her body playfully wiggling her hips as she brought her arms down and began her way down the ring.

"Introducing first, from New Orleans, Louisiana, she is the ECW General Manager, Tiffany!"

"The way she moves, the way she walks
New Orleans tough when she talks
One kiss from her and you'll confess
She's a hot mess

She's got a paralyzing stare
So take a look if you dare
A Cajun queen with finesse
She's a hot mess

Hot, hot, hot (hot mess)
Hot, hot, hot (hot mess)

She kept the smile on her face all the way down the ramp, making note to slap a few of the fans hands as she reached near the ring. She turned a corner and then jogged up the steps full of energy, entering the ring via the middle rope. She then walks to the opposite corner climbing up, throwing her hand back up in the air, wiggling her body some more to pose for the crowd. She blows a kiss to the fans as she lowers her arms and jumps down, heading the far corner of the ring waiting for her partner.

Last Diva Standing: Layla/Tiffany v. Brooke/Kelly SEA3WdC
^^made by the wonderful Ellie! <3^^
Last Diva Standing: Layla/Tiffany v. Brooke/Kelly ABdaG6j
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