Time In

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Time In

Post by Jason Styles on Thu Dec 28, 2017 11:17 pm

Jason was at the Performance Center today, just training with some of the other wrestlers and getting a workout in. Being on the road most of the week and then having about a day and a half off made it hard for him to stop by but with the holidays here, he had plenty of days off and finally was able to put some time in at the Performance Center. He was finished with his workout and decided to take a break. Grabbing a bottle of water, he sat on one of the benches and chugged it down, then nodded in greeting when somebody joined him. He stopped drinking it after a bit and looked over. "I forget how training is down here." he joked. "It sure does take a toll out of you."

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Re: Time In

Post by Olivia Stahl Yesterday at 7:18 pm

"You're tough, you can handle it." Liv was at the PC today, helping some of the talent with a bit of physio and letting Levi visit his Dad at work, lol. She had seen Jason come in, but hadn't had a chance to come over to talk to him until now.

She hugged him around the shoulders from behind when she approached the bench. "I missed my favorite Styles! And yes you can tell Noah that from now on." She joked.
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