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Better Late than Never (open) Empty Better Late than Never (open)

Post by Austin Aries on Thu Jan 05, 2017 10:06 pm

Dan Solwold couldn't help feeling a little out of place as he entered the WWE Performance Center. The seasoned veteran was no stranger to the world of professional wrestling, he'd been all over the world performing on the independent circuit, most notably in ROH and Dragongate, but he was best known for his on and off appearances in TNA. And while every wrestler dreams of achieving the brass ring, of making it to the WWE, at 38 years old he'd somewhat accepted it might never happen for him.

So color him shocked when he'd gotten a phone call from Triple H himself once his contract in TNA was terminated and he'd become a free agent. Triple H had offered him the spot the moment his 90 day no compete clause was finished. Though Hunter said he was needed in NXT right now, before he'd head up to the main roster. That was fine with Dan, after traveling for so long it'd be nice to spend a little time in one spot. Plus with their developmental project about to go live every week, he would get noticed and he'd even help mentor some of the younger talent here. Definitely not a bad deal, especially since NXT was going to have Takeover PPVs and he'd already been promised a spot on the next one. And his boss, Soraya O'Toole was a legend when it came to Women's Wrestling and he'd heard good things about her as a trainer and manager as well. This was Triple H's and her baby and they wanted it to take off.

After passing the main entrance, he gaped at the sheer size of the building. He knew it was essentially separated into two parts, the training room and the gym and the performance arena that would host their live events. The problem was, he has no clue where either was. He walked forward a couple steps until he saw someone up ahead.

"Excuse me." He called. "Can you point me in the direction of the locker rooms?"

[anyone of course]
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