Merry Christmas Kylie Love!

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Merry Christmas Kylie Love! Empty Merry Christmas Kylie Love!

Post by Alexander Monehan on Tue Dec 25, 2012 12:23 pm

Okay, seriously! I blame this all on you. Lol! You have corrupted me to the point where Relly vids have become my specialty and my inbox on youtube floods with Relly requests now.

Anyway, I can't make a Relly vid without thinking of you and when I started this one, I turned it into your Christmas present. I was going to make it both Relly and Evelly but my Evan clips weren't working with this song, so it features Kedge instead because Edge was a little more agreeable.

lol Merry Christmas! Love you! <3

Also, you are featured in my Crack Fic! This year, so enjoy! lol
Alexander Monehan
Alexander Monehan

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Merry Christmas Kylie Love! Empty Re: Merry Christmas Kylie Love!

Post by Tiffany on Tue Dec 25, 2012 6:43 pm

RELLY! My first love haha <3 I'll take that as a good thing, never can have too much Relly honestly lol.

It's so beautiful! Kedge is an added bonus! They're too sweet. I loved it Kasey. It's excellent! You did a fantastic job!

Editing this cause I didn't even see the fanfic part cause I was obsessing over the relly vid lol That was amazing Katie! Beautifully written and hilarious. I love that you have me making fun a Jericho, a hobby I enjoy very much! Love you <3

Merry Christmas Kylie Love! SEA3WdC
^^made by the wonderful Ellie! <3^^
Merry Christmas Kylie Love! ABdaG6j
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