Merry Christmas Yuri!!!

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Merry Christmas Yuri!!!

Post by Mikhail Ballack on Tue Dec 25, 2012 1:19 am

Yuri! Merry Christmas! Fanfics are pretty much all I can offer, but I hope you like this little one-shot I wrote for you!

Title: Underneath The Mistletoe
Characters: Mikhail, Maria

Maria had been leaning against the door frame of a random locker room for nearly twenty minutes now, watching and waiting for a certain somebody to leave the locker room opposite. She had been trying to get to Mikhail in order to give him Emery’s Christmas present, when she had noticed a certain little plant with white berries hanging over his locker room door. She could have easily just walked past them and into the room but she had decided standing out here and waiting for Mikhail to find them would be far more interesting.

With a sigh of impatience, she threw a quick glance at her watch. He was taking longer to change than usual today; perhaps he was trying on a new outfit from his designers? Honestly, all she wanted to see was his reaction when he came out of the room. And if he failed to notice, which she seriously doubted because the mistletoe was obnoxiously large, she was going to be here to point it out to him. Also, if she was out here long enough, she might be able to catch the person who had strung it there in the first place. No doubt the woman (some crazy fan most likely) would be hanging around the doorway to try and catch the German Superstar under the festive sprig.

She could feel a yawn about to come when the door suddenly opened and a tall, muscular man came out whistling into the hallway. "Aha…" Maria smiled, straightening up at the sight.

Truth be told, Maria had been looking for an excuse to kiss her favorite German Sweetheart for a very long time. Unfortunately, she hadn’t been able to find the chance. She wasn't exactly shy, but Mikhail Ballack was a chivalrous gentleman through and through and had frustratingly not given her any chances thanks to his unending politeness.

She was hoping to catch him under the mistletoe herself, even for just a kiss on the cheek. And if the crazy fangirl decided to suddenly appear and go for him first…

Well, she needed a little warm-up before her match anyway.

Mikhail didn't make her wait much longer, stepping out of the room with his new knee-length wrestling shorts, his sneaker-like wrestling boots, and his signature WWE hoodie. He closed the door behind him and was standing under the mistletoe when Maria made her move.

"Hey Mikhail," the redheaded Diva greeted as she walked up to him.

“Oh! Hi Fraulein!” Mikhail's face lit up upon seeing her, flashing her his most charming smile. “What brings you here? The show hasn’t started already, has it?”

“No. I just thought you should look up. There’s something very interesting hanging above your head.”

“There is? What is it?” Blinking, Mikhail turned his gaze upwards…and his jaw hit the floor a split second later. Maria nearly laughed out loud at the look on Mikhail's face—the man was clearly embarrassed, a blush tinting his cheeks when his eyes landed on hers.

"I…I don't…" He couldn't seem to put a sentence together, and Maria took full advantage of his vulnerability.

"It's a sprig of mistletoe,” she said sweetly, sauntering up to him as she closed the distance between them. Smirking at the stammering, blushing Superstar, she leaned towards him until their faces were only inches apart. “You know what happens when two people are under the mistletoe, Mikhail. Care to indulge in this age-old tradition?"

“I—I—oh gosh, I don’t—” If anything, Mikhail’s face became even redder, and he was no longer forming coherent sentences.

"Come on, Mikhail! let's indulge in the holiday tradition." Gently taking his face in his hands, she stood on the tips of her toes and kissed him on the cheek. But just as her lips brushed against his skin, the man turned his head and pulled back from her. He didn't seem as embarrassed as before…instead, he looked rather serious.

"Fraulein Maria, can I see you for a moment?" He opened the door to the locker room he had just vacated and allowed her to enter first. She did so, rather confused by his sudden change in demeanor.

"Mikhail?" She questioned softly, turning to face him once he had closed the door. Mikhail just walked towards one of the benches and sat down. "Is everything all right?"

"You wouldn’t have put that there," he said as-a-matter-of-factly. “You’re too sweet to have tried to trap me like that. Who was it?”

"I honestly don’t know," Maria admitted, feeling slightly pleased at his compliment. "The mistletoe was there when I came by. It was probably another Diva or some crazy fangirl. Why..?" The Diva watched as Mikhail played with the edge of his hoodie.

"I just want to know who to thank."

At this point, Maria was very confused. What on earth would he want to thank a crazy fangirl for? If anything, she had caused him a little bit of embarrassment. Of course, Maria’s own actions certainly didn’t help, but minor details like that didn’t matter. Right?

All of a sudden, Mikhail crossed the room towards her. His hand came to rest gently on her cheek and she looked up at him uncertainly. What was happening?

"I just wanted to thank her for giving me the opportunity to do this," he whispered softly, before pressing his lips to hers in the sweetest kiss she could ever imagine. Immediately, she pressed her lips to his when he pulled back, drawing him into a longer and firmer kiss. Only when air was necessary did they pull apart again.

"Y-you know, Mikhail," Maria breathed, gasping as Mikhail pressed his forehead against hers. "We aren't even under the mistletoe right now." He chuckled lowly and gave her a cocky smirk.

"Well, then I guess we’ll just have to do this again as we leave the room, won’t we?"

"Only the once?"

"Of course not, liebe."

This was going to be a very good Christmas, she could tell.
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Re: Merry Christmas Yuri!!!

Post by Maria Kanellis on Tue Dec 25, 2012 5:39 am

ERMAHRGARD!!!!!! I loved this so much!!!! And I can just see this happening with them too! lol You're amazing, Maddie!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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Re: Merry Christmas Yuri!!!

Post by Mikhail Ballack on Tue Dec 25, 2012 1:49 pm

Teehee, glad you like it!
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Re: Merry Christmas Yuri!!!

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