Moments (New Fanfic For You Guys!)

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Moments (New Fanfic For You Guys!)

Post by Mikhail Ballack on Sun Dec 09, 2012 2:16 pm

Hey guys! Being back at the forum is extremely fun, and it stirred up my creative juices! I want to make these little one shots of the children of our RP characters, and I decided to start with Emery and Haley, simply for the fluff factor. If you guys like it, tell me and I'll make more!

Main Title: Moments
Chapter Title: Fever
Characters: Emery Ballack, Haley Bautista
Description: Haley Bautista being sick is pretty much Emery Ballack's "Panic Button."

From within the confines of the Bautista household, a little boy bounced around the living room energetically, not able to sit still for even five minutes. His father and Dave had given him soda and ice-cream as a special treat when Maria and Candice’s backs were turned, and now he was high on sugar. He held up one of his toy planes and hopped onto the sofa, pretending to fly, only to lose his footing and tumble messily to the floor, landing hard on his bottom.

“Ow!” He winced and slowly stood up, rubbing his aching behind. Thankfully, none of the grownups heard him, otherwise his father would have taken his toys away for standing on the furniture the way he did. Sighing, he bent down to pick up his plane, but then he heard a faint wail from the other room.

He knew what that sound was. He had visited Candice and Dave enough to recognize where it was coming from, and with speeds that no five-year-old boy should possess, he raced out of the living room and into Haley’s room. Opening the door, he went over to her crib and looked over the edge.

“Hi Beach Ball!” he said happily, grinning when the baby’s cries became quieter. Grabbing a footstool, he climbed into the crib with her, careful not to step on her or mess up any of her toys. He gently pulled her up onto his lap, his movements slow and careful, but he then noticed that her arms felt unusually warm. He turned her around and looked at her face.
“Are you feeling okay, Haley?" he asked worriedly. He placed his hand on her forehead, and yelped in horror. “H-Haley! You’re burning up! Mein gott…Don’t go anywhere, okay? I’ll be right back!”

The little boy jumped out of the crib and ran as quickly as he could into the bathroom. He grabbed a washcloth from the cupboard and turned the sink on, running cold water over the cloth before running back to Haley’s room.

“Alright, Haley,” he said, his voice shaking despite his efforts to remain calm. “This is probably gonna be a little cold and you won’t like it, because I didn’t like it when Papa did it to me…but it’ll make you feel less hot, okay? Trust me.” Emery wrung out the washcloth as hard as he could, not even caring that he was getting the carpet wet. He then climbed back into the crib and carefully placed the cool cloth on her forehead.

Haley whimpered and began to wail faintly, but Emery shushed her, rubbing her cheeks and chest gently until she calmed down.

“I know it’s cold,” the little boy whispered. “But you can’t stay so hot. Papa told me that we have to cool ourselves down when we get sick. Are you feeling better now, Beach Ball?”

The baby sniffled, grabbing his finger as she looked up at him tearfully. Emery smiled, and continued to mop the baby’s feverish brow…until he realized that he probably should have told the adults immediately that Haley was sick.

“Poopsickles.” The little boy made a face, before climbing back out of the crib despite the baby’s protests. “I’ll be right back, okay? Don’t get worse in the meantime. I’ll get your Mama and Papa, and everything will be okay!”


He quickly ran into the kitchen, where all the adults were drinking coffee and talking about some horribly boring grownup matters. (Seriously, who cared about who was kissing who and which guy could beat another guy up? There was a sick, dying baby to worry about!)

“PAPA! PAPA!” Emery screamed, grabbing his father’s shirt sleeve and nearly yanking it off in his attempts to grab his attention. “We’re in big trouble! Call the hospital!”

“Huh? What?” Mikhail blinked, looking down at his little son in confusion as Candice, Dave, and Maria stared at the boy as if he had suddenly sprouted ten heads. “Calm down, liebchen! Tell me what’s wrong!”

“Why do you need a hospital, sweetie?” Maria asked, her eyes wide with concern. “Are you hurt?”

“No, it’s not me!” Emery yelled in frustration. “I think something’s wrong with Haley!”

“Haley!?” At this, both Candice and Dave paled to a shade of pallid white, the two parents racing towards the baby’s room as Mikhail and Maria bent down in front of Emery and tried to calm him down.

“What happened, Emmy?” Mikhail asked, his voice quiet and controlled. “What’s wrong with Haley?”

“She’s sick!” Emery shouted, losing his patience. “Why are you just standing there? Go help Fraulein Candice and Mr. Dave! Call an ambulance, or something!”

“Sweetie, I think they have it under control,” Maria replied, trying to sound cheerful. “We may not need the ambulance. Now, what makes you think she’s sick?”

“She looks sick!” Emery yelled, flailing his little arms in every direction possible. “And her forehead is burning! I think she put her head in a boiling pot! What do we do? I don’t want Haley to die! She’s just a baby!” A tear slipped past Emery’s green eyes, and his voice began to shake. “I love her too much! Please Papa, help! I don’t want her to die!”

“Emery, calm down,” Mikhail said, pulling his son into a strong embrace. “Haley isn’t going to die.”

“But Papa…!”

“Candice and Dave are checking on her right now,” Maria pointed out, bending down to hug the child as well. “I don’t hear any screaming, so it’s probably nothing too serious. Nothing ambulance-worthy, anyway.”

Emery frowned, although he didn’t pull away from their hugs. A minute later, Candice and Dave reappeared, the former holding the baby tightly in her arms while the latter anxiously grabbed the telephone book, muttering “Where’s the number for that goddamned doctor?!” over and over again.

“Is she okay?” Maria asked, looking up from Emery as she stared at Candice anxiously.

“She has a fever,” Candice murmured, tightening her hold around her whimpering daughter. “But we’re calling the doctor right now.” She then looked down at Emery, whose gaze was locked onto the squirming baby in her arms. “Emery, thank you. I wouldn’t have realized she was sick until later if you hadn’t said anything. Were you the one who put the washcloth on her head?”

“Yeah,” he answered, his voice weak. “She felt hot, and I remembered that Papa put a cold cloth on my head when I had a fever.” He then squirmed uncomfortably. “Um, sorry about the carpet! And I’m sorry I was screaming earlier. I was so worried about Haley that I didn’t really think about my manners.”

“It’s alright, sweetie,” Candice replied, giving the little boy a grateful smile. “I’m just happy we found out about Haley when we did.”

“Alright, well…” Mikhail rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, and pulled Emery towards the door. “I think it’s time for me and my boy to leave. I’ll leave you guys alone to take care of Haley.”

“I’ll go too,” Maria agreed, grabbing both her coat and Emery’s. “It’s getting late, anyway.”

“But I wanna stay and take care of Haley!” Emery pouted, his eyes watering.

“Don’t worry, Emery,” Dave said reassuringly, looking up from his phone call. “We got it from here. I’ll give you and your dad a call later to let you know how Haley’s doing, okay?”

“…” Emery frowned, but he knew when he had been beat. Allowing Maria to slip his coat on for him, he gave the sobbing Haley a small parting wave, along with a weak grin. “Bye, Beach Ball. I’ll visit you again when you feel better, ‘kay?”

With that, he took both his father and Maria’s hands into each of his own, stepping out into the cold winter sky and wincing when he heard the sound of a baby’s cry coming from behind him.
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Re: Moments (New Fanfic For You Guys!)

Post by Allison Dreamer on Thu Dec 20, 2012 8:47 pm

This was too cute! Awesome job Maddie!
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