Give Your Heart a Break (For Kasey!)

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Give Your Heart a Break (For Kasey!)

Post by Caroline Anderson on Sun Oct 07, 2012 8:18 pm

This is a brief one shot written for Kasey, who’s been having a rough time these past couple weeks. I’ve been her roommate for five years and recently moved out to live with my boyfriend, so I know she’s lonely and I miss her and am sorry. Plus around the same time her jackass of an ex-boyfriend broke up with her and revealed he had been cheating with a woman who is like seven years older than she is and not nearly as hot. So her ego took a huge hit and her heart aches because I know she was falling for him. Plus work has been stressful and I’m just really sorry I haven’t been there for her the way I was when we were living together. So hopefully this helps.

Also, this is specifically for her…GIVE ADAM A CHANCE! That guy has liked you since April and he’s sweet. Don’t let that douche bag Keith keep you from dating a good guy for a change! I love you, Hunn and miss you. Hope this helps!

Summary: Tricked into an awful blind date by her two best friends, Candice Michelle is looking for an escape route. In a desperate attempt to ward off her date’s advances, she pleads with another bar patron to pretend to be her boyfriend until the other guy leaves. Little does she know, she might have just found Mister Right in her ploy to get rid of Mister Wrong.

“Um…” A timid voice speaks up from somewhere behind him. “I realize that I don’t know you and this is probably going to sound completely crazy, but could you pretend to be my boyfriend for five minutes?”

When Dave Bautista turns around from where he had previously been watching a UFC fight on one of the TV’s over the bar, he comes face to face with a fairly tall, athletically built brunette with curves in all the right places. She looks nervous and tucks a curtain of dark hair behind her ear, her dark browns eyes gaze up at him beseechingly.

Dave leans one hip against the bar and glances over her shoulder. “Does you needing a boyfriend have anything to do with the weirdo standing by the pool table trying to look tough?”

She flushes prettily and he makes up his mind in that instant. “Yes, if you’re referring to the man with the bizarre hair cut wearing jeans and a maroon colored button down shirt.”

Dave chuckles at her description and reaches forward, curling his fingers around a belt loop in her jeans to tug her closer. “What is that anyway?”

“I think it’s some kind of faux-hawk.” She guesses, relief crossing her face as one hand comes up to rest on his chest. “I really appreciate this.” She says as his other hand curves possessively around her hip.

He leans down to nuzzle into her hair, speaking directly next her ear in a low tone. “No problem. So what’s this guy done that has you running for the hills?”

“It’s a blind date.” She admits breathily as his lips brush the outer shell of her ear. “My friends seem to think I’m into guys who constantly use the words really and awesome, and their claim to fame is the Real World and Road Rules challenges on MTV.”

Dave bites back a laugh, letting his hand make it’s way up from her hip to brush the satiny smooth skin of her back left open under the hem of her tank top. “I just met you and that sounds no where near your type.”

“He’s not. And he seems to think it’s acceptable to put his hands on me, even when I’ve asked him not to on more than one occasion.” She adds, bracing her other hand against the bar behind him.

“Whoa.” Dave pulls back enough to look at her face. “He put his hands on you!”

She looks down at his arms around her pointedly.

“Not even close to the same thing.” Dave shakes his head. “You asked me to be your boyfriend, this is selling it. That and I don’t put my hands on a girl if they don’t want me to. I don’t force myself on women.”

“That’s good to know.“ She relaxes against him and fights the urge to look behind her. “Is he still there?”

“Yes.” Dave pulls her in close against him, letting his hands run down her back, inching further and further south. When he gets a good feel of her exceptional behind, her apparent date sputters indignantly and starts over. “Now things should get interesting.”

“What?” She blinks up at him in confusion.

“He’s coming over.” He leans back against the bar, settling her against his hip and keeping one arm around her waist as her previous date joins them. “My name’s Dave, by the way.”

“Candice.” She tells him just before the third party speaks.

“Candice!” The man complains in a nasally voice. “Is this brute bothering you?”

Dave rolls his eyes at the lack of originality in the insult. “Does she look bothered to you?” He decides he wants to smack upside the head whichever one of her friends decided to hook her up with this clown.

“My date looks uncomfortable.” The other mans says hotly. “You should remove your hands from her.”

“You didn’t remove your hands from me when I asked you to earlier, Mike…oh sorry Miz.” Candice corrects herself sarcastically. “And I’m perfectly fine thanks.”

“Let me ask you something, Douchebag…can I call you Douchebag?” Dave smirks broadly at the other man.

“My name is Mike Mizanin, I go by Miz.” Miz sneers at him.

“Yeah, okay Douchebag,” Dave continues, trying not to laugh himself when he hears Candice stifle a giggle. “Do I look like the type of guy who would let my gorgeous girlfriend go out with another guy? Especially such a loser like you?”

“Wait…” Miz bristles. “She’s not your girlfriend.”

“Really?” Dave looks down at Candice, his expression softening. “Candice, baby I think you need to inform Douchebag that you’re mine. Aren’t you?”

“Yes Dave,” She smiles brilliantly up at him. “I’m totally yours.”

Dave redirects his attention back to the other man. “See Douchebag, she said it herself.”

“Really? Really? Really? If she was your girlfriend, why did she spend fifteen minutes sharing a drink with me when her boyfriend was here the whole time?” Miz argues.

“Because she’s a saint and hates to hurt her friend’s feelings.” Dave snaps sharply. “Drinks are over, Douchebag, go home!”

Miz huffs, takes one last look at Candice, who cheekily waves him off, before he turns and struts out of the bar, muttering under his breath the whole way.

Dave waits an extra minute before loosening his hold on Candice and looking down at her. “What a moron.”

“Thank you, Dave. You’re a lifesaver really.”

“Your friends suck.” He tells her with a shake of his head. “Seriously that guy was a tool.”

“They mean well.” Candice protests half-heartedly. “It’s just tough being the last of the single girls.”

“Yeah well, they still suck.” Dave gives in to temptation and brushes a strand off hair off her face. “And I was right, you really are a saint if you go out with guys like that to make them happy.”

Candice shrugs, offering him another smile. “Well, I at least owe you a beer in thanks.”

Dave laughs, winking at her. “Babe, that performance deserves more than just a beer.”

“Well since you really helped me out, I can’t argue.” Candice nods in agreement. “What would you like in repayment?”



He laughs again at the look on incredulity on her face before he reassures her. “You. I want a date with you.”

“Oh.” She looks relieved and smiles again. “I would love to go on a date with you, Dave.”

“Excellent.” He slips his arm around her again. “Now how about I buy you a beer and you can tell me more about yourself.”

“That would be great.” She agrees.

And suddenly a night that looked to be a complete disaster turned out to be one of the best nights either of them had had in a long time.

The End.
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Re: Give Your Heart a Break (For Kasey!)

Post by Candice Michelle on Sun Oct 14, 2012 2:28 pm

Oh my...

I love this Callie! Almost as much as I love you lol.

You made fun of the Miz, the douchebag thing cracked me up, and made it a sweet Candista!

I'm doing okay, promise. Keith and Terri aren't bothering me so much anymore. I went to a benefit last night for Eddie Molinari and spent it with Chels and Katie. We had a lot of fun, and Adam took me home because I was too drunk to drive, so you're getting your wish lol.

Thanks for writing this for me. I love you, miss you bunches and will call you later with more Adam deets Wink
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