Welp... Another Year

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Welp... Another Year

Post by Ryan Dreamer on Mon Aug 15, 2011 8:55 am

Hey my loves,

Just letting you know that unfortunately my summer went by extremely fast and I am back at school. Sophomore year at VSU -__- (FML). That's why I've only been on one or two characters this past weekend. I was getting settled into my new apartment. I also told myself I wasn't going to procrastinate this year (more than likely I'm lying) but I am going to atleast start off right.lol... This is not a complete LOA but just a notice letting you all know I am going to be limited for a week or two while I get use to campus life again and my new professors and such! So any idea for any storylines with any of my characters, or if you just want to talk to me, PM my Kaley account because I'll make sure I get on her account everyday.. Very Happy
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