Needs Your Vote! lol

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Needs Your Vote! lol

Post by Roman Reigns on Sun Feb 20, 2011 12:15 pm

So Kasey and I made this challenge for one another. We'd use two different couples from the same show or genre and make two separate videos to the same song.

I opted to go with the Vampire Diaries because it's my favorite show. And I was elected to go first. I love my Mystic Falls bad boys in a love triangles. So I used Katy Perry's "Thinking of You" for the Damon/Elena/Stefan love triangle and the Matt/Caroline/Tyler love triangle.

What I'd like for you guys to do is watch both videos and tell me which one you like better. I love how both came out, so you won't be hurting my feelings lol. And I don't think you guys have to be fans of the show or anything to vote. Just tell me which you think came out better haha.

Thanks Guys, Kasey's videos will be up later this week. We picked each other's songs. So I have to assign her a song, then she goes from there.

Here are the videos.

Caroline and Tyler

Damon and Elena
Roman Reigns

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Re: Needs Your Vote! lol

Post by Randy Orton on Sun Feb 20, 2011 12:44 pm

F***ing A! Callie! How the hell am I supposed to compete with this?! lol. Mine are going to fail miserably compared to these two videos.

Plus, you made it near impossible to choose they're both great! Damn it!

I chose the Delena one only because I like them a little bit better than Forwood because the vids were equal in my opinion haha
Randy Orton

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