*sighs* :/

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*sighs* :/

Post by Guest on Thu Feb 10, 2011 12:52 pm

Hey all,

Just thought I'd leave a little note if case I happen to disappear without saying a word. So this semester is really really hectic and possibly the worst one ever. Seven classes this semester due to this stupid course they gave me and the others that's mandatory in order to do the internship this summer. All cause of this chick who started this drama...apparently last summer while she did her internship...she ended up in a fight, hence the reason why we must "take this course on Professionalism" *rolls eyes* And then came this whole, once you have 2 years or so work experience then you're exempted. Sadly I don't have that so I have no choice but to take it. The only good thing is that it's one day a week instead of two...so I have Thursdays off...and most of Tuesdays too off since it's my one and only class for the day. Hoorah...

So yeah, I won't put myself on LOA but I may be pretty slow in catching up with posting and everything else. I'm really sorry. Sad


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Re: *sighs* :/

Post by Trent Redding on Fri Feb 11, 2011 2:29 am

you are not forgiven! I'm just playing hun, if you need traci to do any dirty work feel free to shoot me a pm or something. <3 stay relaxed as you can.
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